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Fridges & Freezers Buying Guide

A fridge or a freezer is an essential household appliance for preserving food. We can't argue with that. The good news is there are more options than ever before to choose from and this buying will help you identify those key features.

Types of Fridges & Freezers

Single Door Refrigerators

Single Door Fridge Freezers

Single door Refrigerators, are usually based on direct cooling technology and natural convection techniques for maintaining temperatures within the fridge and freezer units. They are usually small sized, mostly between 50 to 250 litre volume, and ideal for small family units.

Freezerless Fridges

Freezerless Fridges are usually energy efficient and portable units. Some brands are just about 45 litre volume and, comparable to other small-sized single door refrigerators, would fit in small spaces such as a kitchen drawers. They are good for storing drinks and other dairy products.

Chest Freezers

Chest freezers occupy larger floor space but tend to be more energy and stay cool longer than Upright freezers. They are also less likely to cause freezer burn. Accessing food stored in these freezers, especially those stored at the bottom of a full freezer, can be a bit of a hustle due to their open space design. An example Chest freezer is the Rowi HS 450 which has a 330 litre volume.

Upright Freezers

Upright freezers occupy smaller floor spaces than Chest freezers. Their inner space are usually partitioned with shelves making it easier to organise and access food. Unlike chest freezers, these freezers can self-defrost. Also, Upright freezers are less energy efficient and they stay cool less longer than chest freezers.

Two or More Doors

Top Mount – Freezer on Top

Top mount Refrigerators have the fridge compartment at the bottom and the freezer on top. The fridge part may be about twice as big as the freezer. They are more energy efficient than other two/three door fridges and there is a large range of manufacturers to choose from.

Bottom Mount – Freezer on Bottom

Bottom mount Refrigerators have the freezer compartment located at the bottom and about two third of the top dedicated to the fridge. The fridge part is conveniently placed so items can be retrieved without having to bend. On the other hand the freezer is located quite low. They are less energy efficient than Top Mount Refrigerators and it may take some time to chill the whole unit.

Side-by-Side – Fridge Next to Freezer

Side-by-Side Refrigerators are split vertically by two side doors, such as having the freezer on the left half and the fridge on the right half. They tend to have narrower internal spaces but they conveniently require less clearance space to open the doors if placed in a narrow room. Some models are equally divided on either side of the refrigerant while others have bigger fridge compartments. They also tend to be bigger than Top or bottom mount refrigerators.

French Door – Bottom Mount Freezer with Two Door Fridge

French Door Refrigerators combine features of Bottom mount and Side-by-side Refrigerators. The freezer is located at the bottom and the top fridge compartment is flanked by two doors. This means the fridge doors have smaller clearance space and less cold air is let out of the fridge when opening the doors. They may have extra features like a water dispenser but they tend to be big-sized.

Pigeon Pair Refrigerators – separate but matching Upright Fridge and Freezer

Pigeon Pair Refrigerators, like Samsung's SFP318RS, can be seen as an Upright freezer and a freezerless fridge which look the same on the outside. They can be placed standing side by side or in different locations.

Features to look out for in Refrigerant


To determine your suitable fridge size, the size of your family matters. For a family size of 2 to 4, a 250-400 litre may be what you need. Any family size larger than this may need between 400 to 700 litres. A small family size may consider a top or bottom mount refrigerant. Larger families can choose any appropriate fridge type and combination. Also note that internal shelves and cabinets can occupy as much as 20% of the usable space in the fridge. The your preferred lifestyle determines the suitable type and size of fridge you need. So that for the same family size you might either need a big bottom mount refrigerant or a stand chest freezer combined with a smaller bottom mount fridge. Also check if the fridge would fit through the main openings of your house and make space available for good ventilation around you unit.

Energy Efficiency

It is good to check the Ghana Energy Guide label to see how efficient the refrigerant unit is. Also check other customer reviews to know if your refrigerant meets minimum energy standards. There are also ways you can make your fridge more energy efficient such as: - Keep the door closed as long as possible - Cover food put in the fridge - Keep the inside temperature as cool as necessary, and not at the lowest temperature - Regularly defrost your refrigerant - Change the rubber lining on the door when it is not functioning well - Do not put hot food in the fridge - Keep the fridge within preferred temperatures of not more than 32°C. - Keep the fridge away from direct contact with heat sources like the sun or an oven. - Keep the inside of the fridge tidy and clean. - Clean the coils at the back or the underside of the fridge - Fill empty spaces with bottles containing water - Turn off the ice maker when not needed - Buy an inverter fridge. It's more energy efficient but takes longer to cool the unit.

Other Features

The following are some features in modern refrigerators you may want to have: - Fridge door detector alarm - Automatic Defrosting - Power failure warning - Digital display panels - Cold water dispenser - Ice block dispenser - Fast Freeze function - Compartment dividers and tiered bins for some chest freezer

What’s your Budget

The bigger the size and the more the number of doors, the higher the price of a fridge. Also, metal, gloss and glass finish refrigerators cost more than coloured ones. Bottom mount refrigerators cost more than top mount ones and Upright freezers usually cost more than chest freezers.

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